Whatever happened to Glenn Beck? He is alive and well and doing better than Ophra.

Glenn - a more serious version
of Breitbart

How is GBTV Doing?
I’m sure there were millions (maybe billions) of people rooting for Beck and GBTV to fail, but the Wall Street Journal published an article recently that may have left many of Beck’s nemesis depressingly disappointed. The Wall Street Journal’s article pointed out the fact that Glenn Beck’s GBTV.com already has more subscribers than Oprah’s Network has viewers.
According to Compete.com, GBTV.com has recorded more than 1.2 million visits for the month of June (2011). In my personal experiences, Compete.com typically records 40% less of the actual traffic that a particular website produces. Either way, 1.2 million plus or minus 40% is no little number for a website’s first month.
Alexa has GBTV.com ranked in the U.S. at 1,043, which again is outstanding. Current TV (www.Current.com) is ranked at 2,954 and the #1 site on Alexa is Google. Who is Current TV? Current TV is owned by Al Gore, and is also the network that Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur recently migrated to from MSNBC. Interesting trend there.
As far as numbers go, GBTV is doing great and only has room to grow as more and more people start moving over to online sourced media such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.

For a more recent review,  things have not changed.  We have this confirming report: 

“Glenn Beck, whose tenure at Fox News was meteoric, controversial, and ended frostily on June 30, 2011, has built a subscription-based Internet network, GBTV, which is the distinctive feature of his extensive multimedia empire.
He also has a nationwide radio program that competes with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for top ratings, and he has written a stream of books that have landed him on the New York Times bestseller list in both adult and children’s categories.
Clearly, Beck has a committed following. His daily two-hour webcast launched last fall with 230,000 subscribers at a base price of $4.95 per month. Forbes media writer Jeff Bercovici estimated that Beck could net $100 million a year from all his enterprises, but with a daily Internet audience of only about 10 percent of his peak viewership on Fox News.”   Source:  http://radiopatriot.wordpress.com/tag/gbtv/