The Palin influence made itself known, yesterday, in a congressional primary in Ohio -- did righteous action take a hit?

Jean Schmidt was defeated in an Ohio
GOP primary re-election bid on Tuesday.
This blog really does not understand the
defeat of Ms Schmidt.  It appears her crimes
are her votes to extend the debt ceiling.***
Yesterday, there was a fairly important election concerning a member of the House of Representatives in Ohio.    It resulted in a rather unexpected loss by Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) .  Because of this election result,  Republicans who face competitive primaries now have reason to be concerned that they are not in line with the conservative/Constitutional wave that is sweeping through the GOP Establishment.   

While she was in the House, Schmidt voted against shutting down the government on April 9, 2011;   voted against a bill to avoid another government shutdown on April 14, 2011.   Schmidt voted to raise the debt ceiling on August 1, 2011.   Schmidt then voted in favor of avoiding another government shutdown on a measure that failed on September 21, 2011.   She did manage to cast a vote against extending the payroll tax cut on February 17, 2012,  but that was not enough to stave off defeat.

She was defeated by Brad Wenstrup, an Iraqi War combat surgeon.

Time will tell if this particular contest will influence the strategies of House members as they face re-election in November.  Understand that all 435 house members face election every two years.  Senators own six year terms.  

It is clear that the TEA party influence has not gone away - whether that influence is formal or implicit.  The GOP is a more conservation conclave than in the years before 2006 and Tuesday's election is a subtle but profound reminder of that fact.  But the question remains, "Did the TEA Party go too far?"

No one is more to the commonsense Right than I,  but the "End Notes" present my complaint with regard to Jean Schmidt's ouster.  Understand that conservatives are typically those who are repelled by those who make decisions on their behalf.  If Schmidt is a "victim" of a litmus test within Conservative ranks,  she is a "victim" of those who are making decisions for the rest of us. If this is the case,  those involved are no different than the 110th Congress and those in the Democrat Party who would dictate solutions for the rest of us.   Understand one thing:  this Okie does not need other Okie's telling him what to do and think.  Hopefully,  I have left something out of this report that justifies this action against one of my hero's.    

End notes: 

*** Jean Schmidt was the only voice in the House (as a freshman representative in 2005) to call out the corrupt fat Jack Murtha in his criticism of eight Marines charged with the massacre Iraqi civilians.  Her remarks were made before House cameras and she was reprimanded that very day without the support of her fellow Republicans.    I allow her the vote(s) on raising the debt ceiling in view of the fact that she was the only Republican with the guts to stand up against the Machine.  Jean Schmidt was not and is not the problem in congress and if the TEA party did this to her  (I am a TEA party dude),  then shame on them. Look,  if "we" have created a "test of fellowship" that does not allow for a difference of opinion or,  even,  a misguided vote,  we are on the road to ruin.  Again,  understand that Jack Murtha,  now dead,  was a piece of human debris,  a man without conscience,  caught on camera making deals for "pay to play," a man who went on record to criticize 8 Marines being changed with a terrible crime (in Iraq) they did not comment.  Jean Schmidt was the only congressional Re[publican pundit to stand up against Jack Murtha during House activities,  and,  has/had a fine conservative record.   The American Conservative Union scored Jean a 92;  the U.S. Chamber of Congress has her rated at 89; and an 88 percent rating ranking from the National Taxpayers Union.  Equally important is the fact that she earned "zero" points from the several liberal groups who rate such things.    

If you think Ronald Reagan would have supported such a waste of energy,  you do not know Ronald Reagan at all.  Jean Schmidt was a conservative hero.  How quickly we have  forgotten Reagan's 11th Commandment.