Sarah more popular than any of the GOP candidates and Obama still refuses to debate our First Lady.

Sarah trying to explain to a reporter why Obama
does not want to face her in a debate.  Can anyone
say "Cluck, cluck?"  
Poll after poll in the last two weeks has shown the GOP primary race to be  a two man race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The latest poll of nationwide voters by the Public Polling Policy finds that Romney leads  Santorum 34-31 percent. It should be noted that this lead is an increasing one,  with Romney trending upward while Santorum is running on a more or less flat line. The Gallup people show\ Romney with a 14 point lead over Santorum, but this is not the real news of the day.  

What many see as "shocking" is the polling result (by PPP) that Governor Palin may be the most liked Republican in the country.  Understand that we are talking about "favorability," and our First Lady owns the market in this category.  In PPP, the production of the hard Left, anti-Palin, Washington Post,  Sarah scored in the 68 percentile bracket in terms of favorability with an unfavorable rating of just 20 percent.  Romney,  come in with a healthy set of numbers, as well,  scoring 54 and 35, favorable/unfavorable.    

Because Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling,  is a social Marxist,  he has no clue as to why this [Palin] result  has surfaced.  Debnam  is left with nothing but wild guess as to the "sudden" popularity of Governor Palin:

“The fact that Sarah Palin is now more popular than any of the Republican presidential candidates is a real sign of the toll the campaign has taken on all of the contenders’ images,”

Nonsense.  Some twenty years ago,  Sarah Palin literally came out of her kitchen to join the political fray,  first on her local school board,  then as mayor, then governor.  Her inclusion in John McCain's presidential bid,  kept the contest from being more of a "wipe-out" than it was.

She has been as consistent a tea-party leader as Michele Bachmann,  and a more substantive speaker than nearly anyone on the political scene,  today,  and I include B Obama in this comparison.  She won her gubernatorial debate in her bid for Alaskan governor.  She won her VP debate with "Can I call you Joe" Biden.  Her first book, Going Rogue,  has sold more than 3 million copies and was the the number one non-fiction publication in 2010.  Her VP acceptance speech,  brought down the house,  back in 2008.  Her keynote speech at this year's CPAC, did the same and then some.  In fact,  at CPAC,  the convention organizers had to open up two additional rooms to allow for the crowds in attendance for Sarah's speech.    Her made-for-television 8 part special,  "Sarah's Alaska," was viewed by more people (19 million) than the entire HBO weekend crowd watching the anti-Palin film,  Game Change  (3.6 million total for 8 showings).

She still has a bit of a "screech" in her voice,  but, hey, Sarah is Sarah.

As a public speaker and conservative leader,  I have watched Governor Palin improve her speech performance week after week,  speech after speech,  until now,  even in extemporaneousness interviews,  her comments are substantive to the point of demanding attention and free flowing.

In the end,  the polling results Mr. Debnam tries to explain away without giving any credit to Sarah Palin,  is much more the result of her personal integrity and conservative credentials than any other single influence.

Let's not forget,  that she has become so formidable as a conservative champion,  that her challenge to debate Obama, has been fearfully ignored by the "Man of Words,"  while he fills his days running from  pro-Obama venue to venue,  ignoring her challenge and pretending that he is in control of his future.