ObamaCare: Now is the time. The week's schedule and expected time for the decision.

Day #1 A discussion of the rules for the pending debate and a hearing as to whether this law can be considered, at this time.  There is a [slight] possibility that the Court will decide not to hear the scheduled and ensuing arguments.  If such a decision occurs,  the law would stand as written and the matter would be closed.

Day#2  Presentation of the  arguments relating to the individual mandate

Day #3 Presentation of the arguments relating to the notion of severability.*

Court's published decision:  sometime in late June.

Odds the Court will strike down the mandate  --  30%

A decision in favor of the law makes the effective end of the 10th Amendment.

* The severability clause,  allowing for the law to be continued when parts of the law are rejected,  was dropped from the bill,  by the Dems,  in a monumental oversight on their part.   Senator Jim DeMint was successful is blocking the clause from being reconstituted within the law.  There is a question, then,  as to whether ObamaCare can continue as law,  if the mandate portion is rejected.

This Review really does not want to get into predicting the outcome.  The odds are against the law being reversed.  That does not mean  the law cannot be "taken down" by future legislative bodies.  The estimated cost of ObamaCare has  double (from $989 billion to 1.78 trillion) in just two years.  Medicare was sold to the American people on the notion that it would not cost more than 12 billion in 20 years.  The actual cost was 110 billion after 25 years.