Obama suffers his second 9 - 0 Supreme Court defeat in two months.

<<<<<<  Know what this is?  The EPA calls this a wetland and ordered the property owners to cease and a desist in their plans to build on this property.  Note the housing surrounding this small piece of property . . . . . . .  no wetlands in sight  . . . . . . . .   except on this single lot.

Crazy?  Of course . . . . its a government decision.  Legal recourse?  Absolutely not.

Chantell and Michael Sackett were issued a compliance order from the EPA,  some five years ago,  that effectively converted this dry piece of property into a useless piece of dirt,  all for the sake of a few (7 or 8 individuals) environmentalist commies sitting on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and embedded within the EPA.   And I say "commie" for good reason.  EPA law as devolved into a legal situation that has pronounced itself above the law . . . . literally.

The Sacketts had taken the EPA to court and won a decision that found the EPA in error.  Two months after that legal decision,  the EPA sent the Idaho couple another compliance order,  confirming its past decision and informing them that court adjudication was not appropriate, in this case,  that the EPA did not care what the court's order was.  The Sacketts took this decision to court,  and lost in a decision made by the useless Ninth Curcuit Court of Appeals.

Yesterday, March 21,  the Supreme Court decided against the anti-Constitutionalists at the EPA and the Ninth Circuit and in the favor of the Sacketts with the Court's decision, with the Court's  unanimous decision . . . . . .  9 - 0.

Understand that the current EPA is the Obama Administration in drag.  It is Obama who was on trial.  It was/is Obama who believes himself above the law.  It is Obama who cares nothing for the free and legal opinions of private citizens and independent property owners.  And it was Obama who was crushed in this High Court decision (which included his two appointees).

You should know that on January 23 (2012),  the High Court told Obama that he could not order a church to hire an atheist or a person of a differing faith in a decision known as Hosanna Tabor Lutheran Church versus the EEOC. Obama was defeated in his anti-faith move by another unanimous High Court decision (9-0) .  Again,  Obama's own appointees voted against him.

What is encouraging to me,  in all this "fundamental transformation" crap coming from our White House is the fact that our system of laws is more often than not,  held to be valid and in stark contrast to the social/Marxists occupying the Federal Government, at this time.

The Sacketts still have a ways to go in recovering control over their own property, but their next step works for them . . . . . . . . they have to appear before a panel of local property owners.  The last thing the EPA and Barack Hussein Obama wants,  is to have to appear before a panel of private citizens.   When that happens,  they lose.