Acting as if a Nazis, we have this story: A Democrat using your children to work for Obama.

It has come to light that a Virginian State middle school teacher forced his students to do an analytical review of the four GOP candidates with a special focus on the elective weaknesses of these men.  
While this assignment could be seen as a reasonable assignment,  the objectiveness of this assignment is lost when we realize that they were not charged with looking for vulnerabilities in Obama.  More than this,  their research was forwarded to the Obama campaign.
The school is Fairfax County's Liberty Middle School and was taken right out of the Nazis handbook dealing with the nation's children and their relationship to their Fuhrer.  Heil Obama.  Don't like the comparison?  Then tell your people to stop playing the part.   Otherwise,  admit to what you have become and stop pretending to being concerned with the ideals of patriotism.  No patriot does this kind of crap. 

If you want to contact the school and let them know your feelings, text in civil terms,  we give you the address.  Remember,  only the Dems can talk trash and filth.   You are judged by a higher standard for obvious reasons. >>>>>>>  Go to the Daily Caller for the rest of the story

6801 Union Mill Road

Clifton, Virginia 20124
(703) 988-8100