Liberal after liberal opposes Obama policy. Now, it is Alan Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz may not be voting for Obama in November.  As a very liberal Democrat,  he is strongly supportive of Israel.  Three weeks ago,  Dershowitz (of OJ Simpson fame) called on Obama to disassociate himself from the radical Left.  The White House and its amoral accupantant's response  . . . . . . . . . .  silence. 

The headline reads: 
Harvard Prof Dershowitz says Media Matters has crossed line 'into anti-semitism'
Alan Dershowitz is a law professor at Harvard,  a past
member of the O.J. Simpson defense team and a staunch
supporter of the nation of Israel.  He vehemently disagees
wtih Obama's "anti-Israeli" policies. 
Harvard University Professor Alan Dershowitz alleged Friday that Media Matters has "crossed the line into anti-semitism" by tolerating an employee who uses charged language to criticize supporters of Israel

Dershowitz, a liberal Democrat who is a staunch supporter of Israel, first started speaking out against the liberal media watchdog group last month. He went further in an interview on Fox News, saying Friday that Media Matters has crossed the line into "bigotry." 

The professor directed his complaints at one staffer in particular, M.J. Rosenberg, for downplaying the Iranian nuclear threat and repeatedly employing the term "Israel firster" -- an epithet that implies somebody's loyalties are to Israel before America. 
"When you accuse Jews of dual loyalty, you invoke a canard that goes back hundreds of years and falls into the category of anti-semitism," Dershowitz said. "To the extent that Media Matters hired him to do that and is tolerating him, they have crossed the line into anti-semitism." 

Dershowitz called on Media Matters to fire Rosenberg, but also called on the White House to disassociate itself from Media Matters -- warning that their cozy relationship would cause problems in the 2012 reelection campaign. 

"The president should do to Media Matters what he did to Jeremiah Wright -- totally disassociate, rebuke and say 'I stand with Israel,'" he said.  . . . . . .