Heard the latest about Rush? Now, he has gone and called someone a "babe." The Left is having a fit . . . . . for reals.

Out of the Atlantic Wire,  we have another Democrat Whiner's complaint.  This time it involves a babe with a political science degree writing a book dealing with the working conditions of food service employees and the food they serve.

An excerpt reads:

"Less than a week after calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" on the air, Rush Limbaugh ran his mouth again on Tuesday, calling investigative journalist Tracie McMillan a "babe", an "authorette" and, more broadly, one of "these single white women." What makes the talk show host's poor choice of words even worse is that he was discussing McMillan's book, as he was trying to prove that the right wasn't waging a "war on women." From McMillan's point of view, this seemed an inopportune time to use diminutive terms in dismissing the in depth reporting and critically acclaimed work of a female author.
"It's been really interesting to have somebody be that openly dismissive of my work strictly based on the fact that I'm female," McMillan told The Atlantic Wire. "There's no other way to think about it except that Rush Limbaugh just doesn't think women count." McMillan went on to explain how her book approaches some difficult issues about the food that feeds America and the conditions for the workers that produce it,"  READ the full article here.
Incredibly,  this female version of a Democrat pin-head is on the warpath for being referred to as a "babe"  and even a "single white woman."  My thinking is this:  if she keeps whining about the trivial influences that life throws at her,  she will be single for a long time to come,  unless, of course, she marries another woman.  
Rush was taken to the woodshed for calling a 3 time-a-day-sex fend a "slut"  while virtually everyone on the Left  ignored Bill Maher's frequent use of the word "c*nt" and his branding of Sarah Palin as a "tw*t."  We all know why they ignore Maxine Waters "they can f*** themselves,"  she doesn't count in Democrat party politics and she doesn't even know it.    The classless B Obama has used the word "teabaggers"  (a term used to describe two twinks playing with each other's man-bags) and has laughed as union leaders call conservatives "sons-a-bitches,"  apparently referring to conservative children born of Democrat mothers . . . . . . .  or did I miss something?  
And now,  this academic misfit is whining about being called a "white woman."  
Understand this,  our friendly Marxist Misfits are losing the battle the longer they talk about matters that are of no existential import,  whatsoever.   And why do they do such things?  Because they have nothing else to complain or talk about.   This (the use of the terms "babe" and "slut") is not going to be an issue that influences votes,  despite the fantasies of the Left.  And when I say "this is not going to be an issue," I mean to include my rantings on this subject as well.  You have to fight fire with fire,  but,  in the end,  the real issues of consistently high gas prices,  a doubled inflation rate and the fact that real unemployment is 19.1%  will be at the center of the coming election.  Limbaugh will not.