Fox bans gun advertisement. Is Glenn Beck right in charging that Fox is "chucked full of liberals?"

FOX Confirms Anti-Gun/Hunting Policy

FOX’s decision to ban advertisements for lawful products owned by more than 80 million Americans is nothing more than corporate gun control.

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Sorry to press the panic button but Glenn Beck made the charge, today.    Is Fox moving to the Left?  Probably not.  For men,  a simple listing of those who most frequently appear on Fox and Fox Business settles the question for me.  

Here are those I consider as fiscally conservative:  Sean Hannity, David Asman, Judge Napolitano,   four of the five on The Five, Neil Cavuto, John Stossel, Tracy Byrnes,  Gerri Willis,  Eric Bolling,  Sarah Palin,  Greta (at times), Megyn Kelly,  all of the morning crew (6 to 9 am), Liz Claman, Cheryl Casone, Liz Trotta,  Bret Hume,  Bret Beir, Charles Krauthammer,  Lou Dobbs, Nicole Petallides, Charles Gasparino,  Tom Sullivan, 

On the Left or liberal side (no radicals):  Juan Williams,  Shep Smith,  sometimes Greta,  Bob Beckel, Imus,  Rebecca Gomez, Kirsten Powers. 

Glenn,  bless his conservative heart,  believes that just about all who disagree with his political views are "progressives."  And, now,  he thinks that Fox News just might be a liberal campground.  

Let's not forget that Beck himself as well as our very own Sarah Palin are well received at Fox News.  

In case you ask,  I left out Bill O'Reilly on purpose.  Bill has decided to be more of a "middle of the road" pundit.  As a consequence,  he is useless to me, as a conservative analyst.  I get absolutely nothing out of spending a hour,  listening to O'Reilly argue the "facts" of his personal beliefs.  Sure,  it is his show,  but who cares  what Bill O'Reilly thinks about his personal solutions to anything?  Certainly not me.