Finally. The numbers for "Game Change" are out. 3.6 million for 8 showings compared to 19 million for 8 episodes of "Sarah's Alaska." Does that help to put things into context?

HBO’s Game Change premiered with an average of 2.1 million viewers at 9 PM on Saturday to become the network’s most watched original film in almost 8 years.  For the weekend, Game Change averaged 3.6 million viewers over multiple plays (8 in all for this report).

This is what the industry is telling us.  Let’s give HBO kudos for a near record high 2.1 million viewers.   Understand that they have Sarah to thank for that,  not the film,  per se.  

But,  having said that,  let’s do a little math,  shall we?

The first viewing scored 2.1 million viewers,  which,  of course,  means the remainder of the weekend and the seven remaining showings added a mere 1.5 million views or a pathetic 214,286 viewers per show. 

Eight shows (maybe more) and a total of 3.6 million viewers.

Anyone remember Sarah’a “Alaska?”  That was an "original show" as well.   There were 8 episodes.  The first garnered 5 million for the midget cable channel, TLC.  The total for all 8 episodes?  19 million including that first night.  

'Nough said.