Even the Washington Post admits to Obama's unpopularity.

The Washington Post,  a far Left daily rag totally in bed with B Obama,  has finally been forced to admit that Obama in serious trouble.  You can read the Post's article, here,  You tell me exactly what it is that this genius campaigner is going to run on?

According to the Post:
Obama is at 59% disapproval for his handling of the economy.
Obama is at 63% disapproval for his handling of the deficit.
Obma is at 65% disapproval for his handling of the gas crisis.

So, what is he going to run on?  Well,  apparently,  he has decided to make up stuff  (i.e. the contraception issue) and dream up more and more big money programs  . . . . . . . .  anything but his stinking record.  

I will leave you with the facts of the Washington Post survey.  Just keep in mind that I only use their numbers because they have been forced to consent to the truth of the survey results.  The paper can no longer pretend that Obama is acceptable to the American people, and that is what the November election is going to be all about.  I am looking to forward to it.