According to Democrats, if you are a comedian, you can call a woman anything you want. - just don't stop talking about the Republican's 'war on women.'

When appearing on ABC, today,  Chuckie Schumer defended Bill Maher's use of the words "cunt" and "twat" when describing Sarah Palin  and Laura Ingraham with the comment,
"Bill Maher is a comedian whose show airs at 11 pm at night" or words to this effect.

Good news for folks like me.  I could use the same terminology to describe his wife or Nancy Pelosi as long as I wait until after, say, midnight and sign off the particular post with the exclamation,  "ha, ha, ha."

I have never understood why anyone would buy into what this abject phony has to say about anything.  Schumer is one of the more classless individuals on the Hill.  I am not sure what gives him away  - its either his phony smile or that soft tone of voice.