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With the "mosaic" format,  added at the very end of December,  this blog went from 600 a month,  down from 3,000 per month before Sarah opted out of the election cycle.  That proved almost devastating to this blog and extremely frustrating to me.  I had just announced my decision to quit this blog  (I maintain 3 others) when I changed formats to a "mosaic" and rethought my publishing strategy for Meet Sarah Palin.  

You know how it goes,  usually such decisions fail to pump life back into a dying circumstance.  But,  in this case,  it worked.   we had more than 14,000 hits last month (up from 600) and the three windows are no small part of that success.  I know that I am small potatoes,  but big enough to make some difference.  

My main blog,  Midknigjht Review - new and revised,  was given a redo,  as well, and went from 8,500 hits in December to over 32,000 for last month.  While some 4 million bloggers rank ahead of my efforts,  I am in the top 2% of all Google blogs.  There are 280 million such blogs !!!  

If you are an Okiefied,  monster bike riding ex-carpenter,  you think this report is great.  

Thanks to the folks at Texas4Palin and SarahPalinReveolution.  Much appreciated.  

Looking forward to Sarah's keynote speech at CPAC,  this coming Sunday.  I am hoping she does for CPAC what she did for the Republican National Convention,  back in 2008.