Sarah Palin conquers Newsweek. Who knew ?!

Anyone know long the Left has been lying about Sarah and her birth of Trig?  Understand that this story was made up after a night of drinking  -  no research whatsoever;  no effort to validate the story after it hit the airwaves.  All and anyone who actually believes this story should not be allowed to vote and, yes,  I am serious.  

But,  again, how long has this idiot's story been around?  Since and until just last year,  when Salon (the blog)  took time to "investigate" and publish its finding (April 22, 2011).  Can you imagine just how dumb these people are?  I mean, Salon actually had to "investigate."  Even that is a lie,  in my book.  And I will tell you why.  The lie stated that Palin was covering for her oldest daughter (Bristol) ----   who was five months  pregnant  and admittedly so,  at the time the lie surfaced.  The story was impossible from the "get go"  but Leftist liars care nothing for the truth of reality.  

At any rate,  the lie is dead after 3  years of existence.  

More than this,  Sarah Palin has "conquered" one more of her enemies.  She was asked by Newsweek,  the pamphlet,  to write her story, centering around Trig.  It was published in The Daily Beast on Monday.  
The article was well written and without a hint of bitterness,  never referencing the lie or the slander Newsweek supported.  The article is hyperlinked immediately above (just in case you missed it).