Understand this: inflation of the dollar supply inflates the cost of food and fuel. Someone send Obama the memo.

For the past three and half years,  the folks at the Federal Reserve have been busy printing money in a desperate effort to stave off the foreclosure crisis. As a result,  the costs of lending money are at record lows.

In the meantime,  the price for gold has held its own at record levels and is,  again,  on the increase over the past two weeks.   The indication being,  that confidence in the dollar is,  again, on a downward trend. 

To make matters worse,  commodities traded in dollar bills,  such as fuel and food,  are costing more.  You cannot inflate the existence of the dollar bill without increasing the costs of fuel and food or anything that is traded "on the dollar."  This is why the rising costs of fuel and food are not counted in the monthly or annual inflation reports  --  the government does not want you to know the ugly truth as relates to the fact of inflation.  

Point of post:  while the inflation of the supply of dollar bills is not the biggest problem facing the Administration, is certainly is an added negative influence on the rising cost of 
fuel.  Obama has bet that the increased supply of dollars will effect the mortgage crisis before it kicks him in the the rear as relates to fuel and food prices. And,  it is beginning to look like that bet did not pay off.