As to the Palin Doctrine, usurping control over an opposition media is a critical assignment of the modern conservative movement.

Our headline reads,  As to the Palin Doctrine, usurping control over an opposition media is a critical assignment of the modern conservative movement. While the expressed opinion is my own,  nothing appears on this blog that is not in tune with the Palin Doctrine.  This article is an example of that doctrine.  -  blog editor

A liberal media,  incensed with the idea that Franklin Graham would not commit as to the religiosity of the first secular humanist president in the Modern Era,  has taken time and energy to smear Marco Rubio over his change of faith from Mormonism to Catholicism; see the article at BuzzFeed as an example of the kind of yellow journalism of which I speak.   

Two thoughts come to mind:  first,  GOP politics is not the business of the Old Media. They no longer function as an objective and investigative media and should have no place in the coverage of conservative politics.  We have our own media.  We simply do not need the Lame Stream. 

Secondly,  the stench of MSM hypocrisy is given revival each and every day in a number of venues.  And, while that is not news,  the fact remains that we,  the patriot nation,  must never lose sight of our enemies in the press.  It is my hope that some day,  in the near future,  GOP party politics will divorce itself from its addiction to the Opposition Press.  I am all for a moratorium of  conservative participation in Opposition Media programing,  except to do battle.  Enough of ambush/yellow journalism.  No more "Mr. Nice Guy." 

Almost no one noticed,  but I made note of the fact that GW Bush skipped out on all requests by morning network news programing (i.e. The Today Show ) to appear in studio with the fat Al Gore during the '08 campaign.  Gore was given interview after interview without the benefit of his enemy, George Bush, sitting across the table . . . . . . and Bush won the election, anyway.  

Point of post:  we conservatives no longer need the MSM. We have our own media,  one that verifies nearly all of its reporting with recorded or video sources.  While we are fine with "fair and balanced,"  we must take control of our media future and force the Obama lapdog media to squat for us,  as well. 

Understand that Sarah Palin has taken on the Marxist Media and has won.  She can declare victory because,  after 4 years of daily attacks,  she is not only "still standing,"  she has more influence than ever before.  We should learn this lesson and deprive the Lame Stream the profits they make as they attack us and our leaders.  When "they" interview us, we do not owe them,  they owe us.  Understand that this bunch of media losers cares more for the bottom line than they do their own convoluted set of "principles."  We should be able to use that fact to our favor.