The liberals within the Catholic Church have been put on notice for their support of Obama.

In 2008,  before the election,  there was enough information "out there" to know that Obama was and is an "abortion freak."  That is my term and with its use,  I mean to imply that there is nothing regarding abortion that this man has not approved.  From pills to the ordered death of surviving abortion babies,  he has either voted for the legislation or pushed for its acceptance.

Couple this awareness with the events of the late Spring,  2009.  Obama gets himself invited to two Catholic universities,  Notre Dame and the University of Georgetown.  At Georgetown and before his commencement speech, Obama order the lettering "IHS" (translated "Jesus Christ") be covered over.  According to the LA Times,  the White House was simply enforcing a "consistent" message regarding religious signage.  Incredibly,  the Jesuit college agreed to the request and a deal,  of sorts,  was made between opposing forces.  

Three years later,  this same president,  a faithless secularist, has ordered the Catholic faith to forego its doctrine of conscience and provide for aspects of Obama's "abortion on demand"  policy and,  of course, the self righteous liberals within the Catholic Church are,  now offended  and in a state of uproar.  They made a deal with the Devil and that devil  has, now,  come to collect on that compromise.  I mean,  if they will cover the name of Jesus,  who cares what they think about abortion?  No doubt,  this is the thought in the mind of the Freakmeister.  

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