Obama Assaults Christianity: here is a little history on the matter.

…today’s decision by the federal government to renew a lease that keeps in place a World War II memorial on a Montana mountain — a statue of Jesus — is a “significant victory” and represents a sound defeat for an atheist organization that challenged the memorial. . . . .

Editor’s notes:  before we get too excited,  let’s keep in mind the fact that this little maneuver is nothing less than a smoke screen,  designed to deflect criticism for Obama’s decision to force Catholic health providers and hospitals into supplying contraceptives and abortion inducing medications,  by this time next year. 

I have listened to some of Jeremiah Wright’s preaching and know a good deal about Black Liberation Theology.  Their Christ is Black (not Jewish) and their resistance to traditional Christianity is revealed in this statement:  “Christianity is a white man’s religion.”  Keep in mind that many of Obama’s biases came to him while listening to his mentor,  Jeremiah Wright,  for 22 years.  Understand that the title for his second biography,  The Audacity of Hope,  written before anyone knew who he was,  came from one of Jeremiah Wright’s sermon using the same title. A decent expose' of Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology can be found in the American Spectator.  

When Obama visited the Catholic campus of Georgetown,  for a commencement speech,  in late spring of 2009,  he ordered the symbolic name for “Jesus” covered over until after his address was finished.  No committed Christian would have ever done such a thing,  an incident that proves him to be something other than a Christian,  a man whose antagonism against the “white man’s religion” is becoming legend.

Note: in the picture on the left, IHS, the symbolic letter for "Jesus,"  can be seen at the apex of the dormer.  Click on picture to enlarge.  In the picture on the right,  the dormer is in the direct line of sight and the lettering has been covered over.  Read the report here.  

His order against the institutional conscience of the Catholic Church can only be understood in the context of the facts of this post.  He is so embittered,  that he has not the good sense to measure his attack on the Catholic Church until after the election.  Two months ago,  Obama was defeated in a Supreme Court appeals case in which the Obama government was attempting to force a Lutheran school to allow non-members to teach in its school.  The law had larger implications.  Had it been allowed to stand,  churches would have been forced to hire whoever applied for a particular job,  even if that person was an atheist. 

Add to this,  the fact that the Obama Administration is attempting to absolve tax exempt status for faith-charities,  and you have a rather comprehensive attack on Whities religion  (hey,  Jeremiah Wrights words,  not mine).