Some good news about Type II Diabetes strategies

Look,  I am no doctor,  but I want to share my overnight success in dealing with my glucose levels.  I will make this short. 

I am 66 years old, so glucose levels and blood pressure increases are to be expected  --  within reason.  But old age is not my problem with these two factors.  It is my diet.  

Up until four weeks ago,  I was losing the battle against Type II Diabetes.  My metered numbers were running around 330, up from a 280 average three months prior.  I would go to sleep (against my will) within 15 minutes of having eaten a meal (any meal) and I would wake up in the mornings with a pretty mean headache  --  both of these conditions caused by an "out of  control diabetes."   The really scary aspect of my glucose averages was found in the fact that I was taking medication for diabetes twice a day, up from once a day  --  by doctor's order (of course) --  and my metered numbers were continuing to increase. I realized that I could not count on medication to solve my problem. 

Here is the "short part" of this post and the most important part:  I knew that I had to make a life-style change of some sort.  Because of a previous experience with the Atkins Diet,  I decided to give Atkins a second effort,  this time without trying to lose weight.  Keeping my carb count to 40 grams, daily,  my glucose count went down from 330 to a running average of 144 within 48 hours and has remained at that level for more than a month.  My headaches went away and the family can't get rid of the old man by feeding him something and waiting 15 minutes !!  I allow myself to "spluge" once a week,  but I keep that splurge under 70 carbs. 

The part of that diet that works for me is the way I count carbs.  On most food packaging,  a carb count is included in the information on the backside of the package;   "carbs by fiber" are included.  On this diet,  fiber carbs do not count. I have some flat bread,  for example,  with a carb count of 15.  But,  9 carbs of that total come from fiber.  So,  I only count the remaining 6 carbs.  

Point of post: to let you know of my success in dealing with the problem of an increasing threat from diabetes.  I have found my solution.  Perhaps it can be yours.  But,  regardless of my success,  if my symptoms are yours,   you need to do something before you start losing feet and legs.  You are in control.  Stop whining and do something about your health.