Obama's numbers are not "going through the roof." Here is proof.

This political Review (this blog)  uses PEW, Gallup and Rasmussen,  with the heaviest dependence upon the latter.  

This particular chart (left)  is from Gallup,  and shows the monthly averages for Obama.  As you can see,  in spite of all the talk and media hype,  Obama's negatives remain a very constant number.  He has made no improvement over the past  7 period,  and, with Rasmussen,  has lost his edge with Catholics  -  again,  despite media lies tot he contrary.  In 2008,  Obama won 54% of the Catholic vote.  Today,  he has less than a 40% approval rating with that same group.   And those who "strongly approve" of Obama stands at 26%, down from 48% at the height of the 2008 election cycle.