Palin sounds the alarm in the aftermath of the Florida Primary.

 Understand that 92% of Florida ad campaign was considered “negative.”   A little more than 17 million was spent on advertising,  14 million by Romney’s campaign,  alone.  In response to all the negativism,  Sarah Palin fired off these cautionary comments:   

"$17 million spent in one state, that purchased a lot of darts and arrows that were flown in one direction and then a lot of darts and arrows were flown back and you know a lot of that negativity sure didn't paint the party and the cause in very attractive colors. . . . . I think that hurts the electorate and ultimately diminishes the energy necessary to move forward in the general election. . . . .  . . .  I think that, added to a process that thus far has not been very attractive to the electorate  . . . . .  unfortunately . . . . . keeps good people from wanting to run for office and wanting to be engaged in our own government process of electing our leaders.”

The First Lady went on to say,  "… I still say competition breeds success for the U.S.     As it stands . . . . it's Romney and Newt [as] . . . . the front-running candidate[s] . . . .  I would continue to vote for whoever it is"  that best moves the process forward, " . . . . at this point,  it looks like it still is Newt. You have to kind of continue to level the playing field with your vote."