Facts and exit polling results: a comprehensive review.

By now,  you know that Romney pulled off a 46 to 32 percent victory over Gingrich.  All in all,  Romney’s victory was across the board,  losing only one of a dozen demographics. Oddly,  the race between Mitt and Newt was much closer per the exit poll (41 to 36 percent favoring Romney) than it was per the ballot box.  Perhaps this indicates a little "buyers remorse" after the fact.  If so,  Gingrich might be in better shape than some believe. 

More results from exit polling 

39% stated they were not satisfied with the primary choices.
65% revealed that the two debates,  last week, played an important role in the decision making process. 

In South Carolina,  Gingrich won the marred women's vote by 20%;  in Florida,  he lost the women's vote by 22% , again,  per exit polling. 

Romney won the moderate vote by 29% and the Conservative vote by 4%. 

Gingrich won the Evangelical vote by just 3 percents,  the only demographic that voted in his favor.  

Surprisingly,  Romney took the TEA party vote by a 40 to 38 percent margin

Exit polling showed that the number one concern of the voters was "electability"  (45%)  followed by "the right experience (20%) and character (17%).  

39% thought Romney ran the most unfair campaign,  but Gingrich, Paul and Santorum scored just 5% less  as to "unfairness."  It is interesting to me that Floridians saw the Santorum strategy in a negative light.  

71% stated that they had made up their minds by Friday night or before.  

Facts related to the Primary Vote

Obama won Florida in 2008.  Since that election,  conservative/Republican registration has increased a whopping 19%.  

Gingrich did not call or in anyway congratulate Romney for his victory,  tonight. 

Romney out spent Gingrich 5 to 1

Next primary is the Nevada Caucus where Romney holds a small lead. 

Newt does not have the manpower to be successful in caucus balloting,  or so says the talking heads in the GOP.  

Total vote count for the night was 1.64 million.  The 2008 primary totaled 1.94 million.  By contrast,  the South Carolina contest came in at 603,000, 200,000 more than in 2008.  Perhaps Florida was suffering from over-kill.  

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Text by Midknight Reveiw