I am taking "the course" from Hillsdale beginning Feb 20th. Its free.

I have signed up for  "Constitution 101,"  a course offered free from Hillsdale College.  It starts on Monday evening.  Here is the schedule.  I will make a donation to Hillsdale,  but the course is free.  I typed in "Rush@hillsdale.com"  and Google took me to the site.  

  1. The American Mind
    Larry P. ArnnMonday, February 20
  2. The Declaration of Independence
    Thomas G. WestMonday, February 27
  3. The Problem of Majority Tyranny
    David BobbMonday, March 5
  4. Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny
    Kevin PortteusMonday, March 12
  5. Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
    Will MorriseyMonday, March 19
  6. Religion, Morality, and Property
    David BobbMonday, March 26
  7. Crisis of Constitutional Government
    Will MorriseyMonday, April 2
  8. Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution
    Kevin PortteusMonday, April 9
  9. The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
    Ronald J. PestrittoMonday, April 16
  10. The Recovery of the Constitution
    Larry P. ArnnMonday, April 23