An Obama with money has the same problem as a "porner" in a smut shop.

Post script summary:  Obama promised "fundamental transformation."  Little did we know that he could bring this to pass without the consent of congress or "the governed."  The budget is an example.  Rather than obeying Constitutionally required processes,  Obama has decided to forego the Constitution and ignore the requirement to write a budget.  Who knew that transformative change was possible by simply ignoring the Constitution.  His opposition,  a gutless GOP congress,  has rolled over and allowed him to do so without so much as a consistent  rhetorical  response. The GOP needs to be "on the stump" daily,  but,  instead, The Whiners,  led by John McCain,  do nothing.   

Understand that the last two budget proposals crafted by this novice were monumental failures.  Last year's Obama budget,  2011,  when presented to the Democrat controlled Senate and defeated by a margin of 97 - 0 .  That's right;  the Man couldn't find anyone to vote for the thing. A second proposal (2010) was never "scored" by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) as required by law.  The head of the CBO, in deciding not to review the document as a budgetary statement,  made this comment:  "I cannot score a speech."  As a consequence,  that budget never made it to either house of congress.  Turns out  "The Man" does not know how to write a budget, much less run the country.  

And the most recent proposal,  delivered to the nation the end of last week,  is "dead on arrival" according to Republican congressmen.  But more than that,  Harry Reid has told the nation,  "There will be no budget this year." With that in mind,  one wonders why Obama even bothered with a budget statement.  He must have known,  beforehand,  that the Democrats had no plan to deliver on a budget,  the third consecutive year they have failed to bring a proposal to the floor of the Senate  --  the first time in history this has happened.  

Ben Bernanke spoke out against the Democrat policy of circumventing the law as it ignored it's responsibility to create an annual budget:  “Is uncertainty about the future of the tax code, government programs and so on a negative for growth?” said Bernanke at the Senate Budget Committee hearing. “I think it is, because firms like to have certainty, like to be able to plan.”

With all of the above in mind,  you should know that the ensuing "debate" over the Obama budget is of no more value than a Declaration of Independence written by Karl Marx.  I "they" are not going to present a budget,  why argue about Obama's proposal?  

What is more distressing than the fact that Democrats have unilaterally decided to change the way "we" do business as a county,  in total disregard for the Constitutionally prescribed process,  is the fact that Obama has no clue about "recession versus spending."  Hence,  his decision to work for a raise of wages to the Federal employees at a time when he has to borrow 42% of the needed funds from sources outside this economy.  He has conducted himself in much the same fashion as a porn addict in a smut shop. He sees "money,"  gets all heated up and spends it faster than someone can say,  "No,  wait !"  

Time for a change that will give us all a little hope.