A rhetorical question is its own answer - and it frames Oil v Obama in the coming election.

Think about it.  Big Oil has been demonized from the moment Obama became our first Imperialist President.  He used the "Gulf oil crisis" to shut down drilling,  and has never rescinded that strategy. He has threatened to cap Big Oil's profits,  as if he had the right to tell private business how much they could make.  And, as a business, you now know that  Obama is actually working to destroy you [Big Oil]  with his emphasis on alternative fuels,  the electric car and the funding of competitive industries. 
"You" have taken this abuse for years.  

Put yourself in the shoes of Big Oil.  What do you think you would do,  in a similar situation?   What would you do if you controlled the supply and price of domestic fuels with an election just seven months in the future?   What would you do if you controlled the single most critical economic influence in our nation,  one that could affect inflation and the cost of nearly all domestic goods -  and you have an enemy sitting in the White House?   

‘Nough said, no?!