You will be happy to know that there is growing division within the Democrat Party.

There is a growing chorus of those clamoring for an Obama/Hillary ticket. The head of the DNC  (you know,  the one with the jagged teeth) was emphatic, however,  that no such change was in the offering.  Time will tell. 

Understand this:  the GOP and the related Conservative base,  will make BOTH Obama and Joe Biden the issue of the 2012 election.  Biden is a dunce.  His selection by Obama was no less than a shocking surprise.  And he has proven to be nearly worthless as a Vice President.  During the 2008 Democrat primary,  Biden got 64,000 votes while Hillary and Obama each received 18 million  - - - - again "each."  No one wanted Biden and Obama chose him for his VP !!  Go figure. 

Having said that,  the Washington Post, today, called for a Clinton VP inclusion.