Will Gingrich refuse more debates if the crowd is silences? So he claims.

So Brian Williams runs a tight ship. So what.  Since I don't understand why our side of the debate allows the MSM to run the debates and set procedural standards,  why would I respect Williams for ordering the audience to silence?  After all,  it really is not "The NBC debate,"  it is the GOP Primary Debate." Our guys are the stars of the show and Brian Williams along with the rest of Obama's stooges deserve no quarter for their participation,  except,  of course,  the millions they make off commercial advertisement.  

If the Democrats can cheer and applaud and whoop it up at the memorial funeral service for those killed and wounded in the Arizona shootings,  why can't patriots cheer at their own debates?  

Anyone remember the Paul Wellstone memorial service back in 2002?  I do.    Nothing short of a full blown political pep rally. It was so bad,  the next morning,  staffers for the Wellstone family held a press conference and apologized for the raucous nature of the "ceremony."  So to,  did the state's governor and the state's Democrat chairman offer apologies.   In fact, it was so bad,  that Wellstone's Democrat replacement went from nearly 20 points ahead,  in some polls during the special election, to loosing the election to the GOP  by 8 points just six days later.   

Gingrich is righteous in his complaint.  Hope he sticks to his guns.