We don't have the luxury of being frustrated with our primary choices. The time is now.

Calling Mitch Daniels
  —  For months now, even as the rest of the conservative commentariat has gradually resigned itself to the existing presidential field, the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol has continued to pine — publicly, unstintingly, immune to either embarrassment or fatigue— for another candidate to jump into the race . . . . . . . .

I like Mitch Daniels.  He is the retiring governor of Indiana  (term limits) and would be “available” to run for the presidency.  But he has declined to do so,  in convincing terms, I might add.  Besides,  while he might look like that spotless,  controversy free candidate we all seem to be looking for,  we know that if he were to “declare,”  the press would immediately begin their small minded game of character assassination. 

Let’s get this vetting business over with and with the folks who have shown a willingness to serve. 

You should know that the press is no longer deserving of the protections it has under the first amendment,  but there it is.  On several occasions,  I have actually heard pundits on CNN and MSNBC challenge the need to be “objective” in their reporting with the remark,  “this is just too important a time to be objective” is the repeated comment.   I remember Sean Hannity asserting that “this is the year the objective media died.”  That was back in 2008,  well before Obama’s advent to the throne.  His statement seemed somewhat contrived, to me, at the time.  Yet,  as it turned out,  he could not have been more to the truth of the matter.   You know that Hannity has hit a home run on the issue  when the Lap Dogs in the MSM, in effect,   agree.

So our war is not with Obama, alone,  but with a media that is hell bent on picking winners and losers as it participates in the fundamental transformation of this country. 

But, the good guys have a healthy and well develop alternative media in place, as well.   And,  while it is not perfect,  by any means,  we can discover the facts and move truth forward in our struggle to recapture the vitality of the Founders’ vision. 

If Mitch Daniels came into the race,  at this juncture,  or Paul Ryan or Sarah Palin or Marco Rubio or Jim DeMint,  the press would simply shift gears and turn the dogs loose on these American heroes. In short order, the frustration we now feel,  would be revisited upon us. 

Let’s insist that our candidates be open and honest with us,  hunker down for the fight ahead,  and remain united in the effort to drive the thriving evil influence that are the Communalist/One Worlders,  from our midst. 

I never thought I would ever say this,  but I actually long for the day when we have to deal with a normal liberal.  Are there any left?  I think so,  but they are unwilling to speak up, for the most part.  Diane Feinstein is a committed liberal but not a radicalized liberal. She is a Senator from my home state,  and is regarded as a friend to farming,  when all is said and done.  Evan Bayh is another example of a Democrat that still believes in this nation’s historicity.  

Understand that the Liberal –  Big  Government politician has been with us from the very beginnings of this nations time.  That is a historical fact.    Some of the Founders, indeed, favored a more centralized governance than did other Founders.  I think we have lost track of that part of the original polemic that was aspect of this nation’s earliest debates and rhetorical challenges. 

Understand that the Democrat party’s leadership is not driven by the same social science as those Democrats just 60 years ago.  JFK would have been a moderate Republican by today’s political standards.  The radicalization of the Democrat Party really shifted into full gear,  as far as I am concerned,  with the work of Hillary Clinton  (I say Hillary,  not Bill) and blossomed into full flower with the blooming idiot,  Nancy Pelosi. 

What folks do not know is that Hillary worked as an intern for none other than Saul Alinsky.  If you do not know who that is,  shame on you.  At this late date,  you are so far behind the game as to be embarrassing. 

Hillary served as an Alinsky intern and wrote her Bachelors thesis on aspects of his life (1969).  She was a young Republican, back then,  but there can be no doubt the influence Alinsky had on her life.  She lived the life, back in a time when Alinsky was teaching and writing  (Rules for Radicals) .  He died in 1978. 

Obama is only a student of this man’s radical challenge.  And Pelosi,  anything but a student of radicalism,  is one at heart,  kind of the “dumb blonde” of the far far Left. 

We are where we are today,  more because of these three than any other grouping of leadership.  They are still alive. This is all very recent.  There is time to reverse their influence,  but NOW is that time.  Another ten years,  and the Establishment GOP will be a fact of life and surrender to the One World Leftist Cause will be an accomplished fact. 

We have work to do,  in the name of all those who thought this country would continue.  And when I say "we,"  I mean to include those Democats who care about this nation's traditions, history and conversation.