Why I have finally decided not to support Romney during this primary cycle.

Here is the single question that lead me away from supporting Mitt Romney.

What has he done in terms of a substantive contribution,  to benefit the advancement of the larger conservative agenda?  

I am not asking whether Romney has made conservative decisions that "fit" within the framework of conservative politics.  Heck,  Obama has done that.  But,  at what point in time in his political career has Mitt Romney advanced conservative politics?  The answer to that question, for me,   has helped to frame Romney  as he really is.  Say what you will about Newt,  he has done much for the conservative cause.

Romney Supported Abortion
Romney Opposed Parental Sovereignty

When running for governor in Massachusetts, we have this:  Romney, 2002: One must have the permission of one parent and if a parent doesn't go along, one can go to a judge or justice to get that permission. 

In the current debates,  he reminds his supporters that he has since,  changed his mind.

My question is this:  "Since when?"  Answer:  only after his time as governor.  But, during his time as governor,  he appointed abortion minded judges and did nothing,  absolutely nothing for the saving of young life.
Romney Supported Planned Parenthood

I have seen no recent statements concerning Romney and Planned Parenthood.  But,  during his time as governor,  he supported a supervisory role for Planned Parenthood in the implementation of RomneyCare.  

Romney Supported Mandates to Purchase Product
Romney Supported States as they Violated Constitutional Imperatives.

As governor,  he supported the now infamous "RomneyCare."  He pretends that this effected only 8% of the state's population.   But the fact of the matter lies not in who was immediately and materially affected.  Rather,  the nature of the law,  itself,  is the issue at hand.  And,  in the Massachusetts law,  all citizens are required to own health insurance or post a $150,000 bond.  The fact that only 8% of the states citizenry was without insurance is besides the point.  Romney  believed and continues to support a state law that requires all people to own a product.  In effect,  he argues that states have a right to make decisions for its citizenry that run counter to the US Constitution,  as if the 10th Amendment (States Rights) gives states the right to subvert Constitutional law. 

Romney forced Catholic hospitals to dispense the "morning after" pill

One can't get anymore to the Left than this fact. This goes far beyond the health care issue, itself.  In supporting this decision,  Romney made it clear that he believed that Big Government had the right to challenge the rule of conscience and the separation of church and state.  Again,  the question is,  what has he ever done to advance a conservative state?  

 Romney Supported the Brady Law and Gun Control 

While he supported the Brady Law "back then,"  apparently, he has since changed his position.  Again,  it is not the new position with which I have a complaint,  it is the fact that he has done nothing to advance the conservative agenda concerning the right to bear arms,  except,  of course,  to change his mind on matters that frustrate true conservatives.  

And he continues to lie about the "Speaker scandal" 

He continues to lie about Gingrich's record.  We have documented the fact that Gingrich was not forced out as Speaker in an "act of shame," as Romney describes the matter.  We have noted that sanctions against Newt occurred in 1997; that the charges circled around the supposed  misuse of funds (embezzlement);  that the IRS investigated Gingrich and him blameless;  that, after the sanctions,  Gingrich ran for a third term as Speaker (1998) and  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . won that election.  He quit the Speakership because he did not have enough conservative support to overcome the Democrats "just say no" policy to continuing reform.  Romney has to know the truth of this matter,  but continues to lie about the matter.