Obama hits 51% on Rasmussen. Not to worry . . . . . . .

Understand that we are 9 months from the election and all the rhetoric is negative.  Obama and his henchmen are busy making up accusation and "trying to make hay"  while the sun shines.  From the opposing camp,  there is nothing but negativism as the Republican's primary process gets even more ugly.   Get used to it.  Republicans will take a beating,  of sorts,  until the primary process is over.  Not to worry.  

No matter who the GOP opponent,  Obama has failed on every level of his presidency and making the case will be devastating,  when the time comes for the real battle to begin.  

In the meantime,  Obama continues to move to the Left.  Maybe he thinks that if he makes enough Left turns,  he will come full circle to another presidential victory.  Win or lose,  I say,  "Bring it on."