Occupy fails in D.C. Take a look at the "crowd" scene.

This is the Occupy Congress rally,  yesterday.

Understand that "Occupy" never had more than 20,000 in demonstration throughout the nation, at any time. . . .  never.

It's "success" is a creation of the media.  If yesterdays rally had garnered 50 people in protest,  it might have been front page news.  How do I know?  Because that has been the Occupy story  in more than 95% of the media reporting.  

Update:  I just listened to the Current TV version of what happened,  today,  when congress showed up for work.  The Current reporter said that "thousands of Occupiers" greeted them . . . .  thousands.  The reporter is filling in for Keith Olbermann,  and was fired from MSNBC, as was Olbermann.  Geee,  I wonder why.  His announced report took place at 9:31 or close to that time (pst in the am).