GOP candidates using Marxist tactics of the Left against Romney. That's it for me.

Read this headline and lead-in from the clowns at Think Progress:

Pat Garofalo / ThinkProgress:

Understand that you cannot get more to the Left than Think Progress.    The sad truth,  however,  is even more disturbing than the predictable rants coming from this Marxist front.  

The implication in this news release, of course,  is that Romney intentionally bankrupted the very companies in which he was investing.  How idiotic is that claim?  And,  guess what . . . . . the other GOP candidates are taking up this Liberal,  anti-capitalist, rhetoric including Santorum,  Gingrich, Perry and Jon Huntsman.  The mentality that allows Romney to be open game for any political attack,  even if borrowed from those who are working for the destruction of traditional America, is a game changer for me.  

That's it for me.  If this bunch of losers cannot stay on message as they compete against each other,  then Romney deserves to win the nomination.