Democrat Senator Menendez breaks with his party and votes against an Obama court appointee.

Go ahead and tell me this woman is not as liberal as they come.  Maybe its that hairdo or her turtleneck sweater  (all liberals own three or four turtlenecks, you know).

And,  surprise,  surprise,  she is Obama's nominee to the 3rd Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

The 3rd Circuit Court has jurisdictional power to review the decisions of all Federal Courts. Load this court  with radicals  - that is what Obama does - and you "own" the federal court system.

So,  whey is this in the news?  Because a Democrat member of the Senate has refused to vote in this woman's favor.  Her name is Patty Shwartz.  She serves on a lower court,  at present and is well thought of.  But she has an activist bent and fits in well with the Obama conspiracy to "fundamentally transform" our country.