Col West wants answers from John McCain and the other Senate RINOs. So do we. Let's ask them, shall we (?).

Rep. Allen West tells Mark Levin that Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. John McCain should come before the House GOP conference and explain why they criticized House Republicans on national TV after pulling the rug out from under them during the payroll debacle in December . . . . 

We want answers,  too.  It was clear to me that House leadership was taken by surprise by Senate "leadership."  I felt,  from the very beginning,  that the Senate "pulled the rug" from under House Republicans in one of the most idiotic bit of vacant strategy I have ever seen.  Even without a requisite conference of some sort,  I would have thought the Senate would have known that a one year bill (from the House) and a two month bill (from the Senate) were two very different things.  One would have thought Senate Republicans would have seen their bill as an insult to House conservatives . . . . . and I believe they did.  To my way of thinking,  this was a deliberate insult assault against the TEA Party influence in the House. 

John McCain is the single most damaging influence within the congressional based GOP.  He is a serious political moron.  He is a compromiser on a par with the most liberal GOP pundits.  Understand that the laws Obama uses and misuses were passed by this clown.  He and his trusting elitist buds 

The "presidency" lost its innate sense of honor the day Bill Clinton started talking about what kind of underwear he wore,  but John McCain wants us all to be limited in what we say against the likes of Obama because of the "sanctity of the office, itself."  And that is why this idiot lost the election.  "I was a good little boy and honored my campaign finance pledge"  got him and the GOP exactly where?   --  and he thinks the TEA Party folks are the nutcases  (and he does believe this,  make no mistake)?  

Understand this,  after we win the White House,  should that be the case,  the next thing on the menu is to rid the GOP of the good old boys that have ground it into oblivion.  

Hail to Col. West.  Let's hope he gets some answers.