Sarah Palin was the third most searched named on Yahoo, for the year 2012. Someone who agrees with this reprinted post, convince Palin of its truth -- please !!

A rewritten post.

What Palin needs to do next

While she does not need to mount an attack against John McCain, per se,    she certainly does not need to continue to worry about that relationship.  McCain is a RINO and Palin is not.  She needs to stop pretending that the difference does not matter. Understand that McCain is one of several congressional figures,  mounting a major strike against the tea-party.  We need her response,  her leadership,  her sense of timing,  her honesty and her resolve. 
She has done an excellent job in qualifying herself in those areas in which Obama is such a failure, i.e.,  as a student of finance,  foreign affairs and diplomacy  --  again,  all those venues in which Obama is painfully failing.

But, in pursuing her political future,  she needs to refuse to frame  it in terms of a 2016 candidacy.  Now is not the time for that. An announcement of presidential intentions would take her off Fox News,  as an adviser and, it would renew Marxist media types in their filthy attacks against her.  Understand that the Left fears Palin more than any other single individual in the GOP,  hence the ferocity of their attacks. The news coming from Yahoo,  means they have all failed to brand her as irrelevant. 

As a strategy,  

(1)  a collaborative book on one or more of the important issues facing this nation  would be great;  something substantive,  something written in concert with the likes of  Stephen Moore or Ted Cruz or any number of conservatives she has helped to get elected to office. (2) She should begin, now,  building alliances with those she has helped to elect or re-elect.  Her loyalties and hard work should have a quid pro quo value attached to it.  (3)   Obama controls the media.  She should learn from that practice without becoming  the "chicken little" Obama has turned into.  Her media strategy should include a panel of advisers from the conservative media.  They know what they are talking about,  and they are on the "same page" as Palin.     (4)  I don't know . . . . .  maybe a few debates would be interesting,  either with members of the RINO party or outliers within the Democrat Party . . . . . . a Debbie Wasserman/Shultz  vs Palin discussion would be great,  for starters.  

Whatever her strategies,  they need to be aggressive.   Understand this,  and it is something that,  perhaps,  Sarah, herself, does not realize  -  the conservative talk media is profoundly supportive of her, not to mention [potentially] hundreds of blogs such as this.  If it became clear that she was taking charge of her future,  she would IMMEDIATELY inherit the benefits of a huge support system at all levels.  
Now is the time for her to take on the GOP RINO population, drag them to the debate/discussion table, challenge the RINO population on issues that matter.  She has already proven that she can more than hold her own in such venues.  

The conservative population is starving for open and honest debate on the issues.  Palin can and should be a leader in this regard. In so doing,  I believe the end result to be this:    she would have proven herself a well versed and effective opponent to the Marxist world;  she would have amassed enough political capital to make her run at the presidency,  a serious threat to the Marxist Generation now in charge. 
In short,  she should aggressively participate in the present four year debate,  in which we find ourselves.  Forget about the “babe” aspect of her presentation.  She is what she is.  Extremely attractive women often do not make the grade in political environments,  simply because their appearance(s) says,  “Look at me but don’t take me seriously.” The Media Left is filled with classless perverts.  Let them do what they will do will while the larger population listens and decides.  
Now is her time.  If she does not take advantage of “now,”   her time will have come and gone and the tea-party movement will have,  essentially,  died . . . . . . if measured against the need to “take our country back.” 


Here is a perfect example of what Palin should be doing,  outside the confines of her Facebook:  

Who is running our country? We’ve got a CIA Director sharing security info with his mistress using an unsecure gmail account. We’ve got the delusional Susan Rice blaming the death of an ambassador on a Youtube video. We’ve got Iran firing on one of our drones a week before the election. We’ve got the White House either ignorant of or covering up all of this.
Who is minding the store?   -- Palin on Facebook.

Is she right or not?  
Text by J Smithson,