Progressives Outraged That Kansas School Reforms Include 'American Exceptionalism'

Well, that's a shocker.

At Weasel Zippers, "Libs Outraged Nebraska Students to Be Taught … (Gasp) … “American Exceptionalism”…"

Following the links takes us to Mother Jones. The debate's also on the instruction of climate change theory, to which this commenter responds:
Climate change is real and its irrelevant who or what caused it. Get with the program and accept that regardless of time, we need to educate the next generation (the ones left to deal with it) on what we know about the science of weather and its global effects on their future living environment.
Get with the program. You'll be educated one way, the only way!

Besides, you'll wind up in a shallow grave no matter what happens, so shape up now and with luck the left's NKVD jackboots will give you some gravy with your rations before your number's up.