Progressives Don't Want 'Gun Control' Laws, They Want to Abolish the Right to Bear Arms Altogether

First of all, folks need to read William Jacobson' essay in full, "My long car ride mourning the victims “regardless of the politics”." This part is especially good:
Banning guns not only is unconstitutional, in a free society it would be no more effective than banning drugs, and truly would leave guns only in the hands of criminals.

Will we address what kind of society we would have to have in order to impose the type of gun control which exists in a place like China, where an attack on school children by a knife-wielding assailant injured 22 students just yesterday, but did not result in any deaths?  I doubt it.

What exactly is the “meaningful action” to be taken to prevent an obviously sick person from killing his own mother and then going to a kindergarten to shoot children?

The easy answer of more gun control would not have changed today.  Today took place in a state which has gun control and in which all the rules were followed, except by the homicidal killer who would not have cared about any rules.

The seemingly easy answers will be all about the politics.
Following the links takes us to the NRA's information page for Connecticut's gun laws. As William notes, the state indeed "has gun control," and how. There are background checks, waiting periods, and gun registration requirements. All of these no doubt encroaching on the Second Amendment. You can watch MSNBC all day and the idiots there won't tell you that. They'll spout disinformation about how mental illness isn't correlated with increased gun violence, claims that disregard the fact that all the recent high-profile massacres have been committed by suspects with psychiatric problems. As I've been reporting with more frequency of late, the left, during the Obama interregnum, is increasingly divorced from objective reality, pushing propaganda and disinformation that promotes the state-approved party line. And with the president announcing his intent to seek "meaningful" policy reform on America's gun laws, law-abiding citizens can expect to bear the brunt of an authoritarian infringement (yet another infringement) on their constitutional rights.

More here: "Gun Control Laws Seek to Punish 'the People Who Didn't Do It' — And Don't Work Anyway."