ObamaCare Threatens Sam Facchini's Las Vegas Metro Pizza

Following up on my previous entry, "Permanent Part-Time Is the New Normal."

Here's Greta Van Susteren's interview with Sam Facchini of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, which aired last Friday:

I watched this when it ran originally and this guy Facchini just seemed like a genuinely socially responsible businessman. Here he's just contemplating how he'll be able to continue doing what he apparently loves to do --- run a pizza business in a dynamic labor environment with lots of young flexible and independent workers --- without bringing layoffs or going under. People often remarked back in 2009 when the national healthcare debate was raging that Obama had no clue about running a business. With that context it's just astonishing to hear this man tell the story that he indeed was invited to a small business roundtable at the White House so that administration officials could better determine how the law would impact the restaurant economy. He won't say that the White House ignored their concerns, but given the $100s of thousands in new bureaucratic regulations, it's almost sad. Facchini is too charitable in his comments. I personally know businesspeople who would like to personally rip this president a new one. ObamaCare's the biggest clusterf-k in modern American history. Staggering to think about sometimes, but so true.