'Socialism' is Merriam-Webster's Top Word for 2012

A news clip from CBS News This Morning, "Merriam-Webster's top ten words of 2012."

We have a socialist president leading a morally bankrupt collectivist party that took 52 percent of the electorate last month, so it's no surprise folks are saying WTF's now blindsiding the country. Suck it up, idiot Americans. You voted for these Marxist monsters. The bills are just now starting to come due. It ain't gonna be pretty.


* "Teachers' Union Propaganda Video Shows 'Rich People' Urinating on the 'Poor'."

* "Marxists Seek Destruction of the Individual, the Moral Foundation of Society."

* "Socialists Outline Democrats' Agenda for Next Two Years."

* "Rachel Maddow and the Left's Depraved Agenda of Unchecked Power Over the Individual."

* "Communist Party USA Pulls Out the Stops for Democrat Class Warfare."

* "Campaign for America's Future, Top Democrat Activist Group, Launches Class-Warfare Website."