Dana Loesch Sues Breitbart.com

This is the first I've heard of it, at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (via Memeorandum).

Robert Stacy McCain comments:
As I said, I’ve heard “rumbles” about the Breitbart.com operation for several months, but having spent so long in the newspaper business — where every newsroom is a seething cauldron of frustrated ambition — it’s something I didn’t want to read too much into.

Dana Loesch is one of my favorite people in New Media, and I know she was one of Andrew’s favorite people. It’s just very sad to see things break down so badly so soon after Andrew’s death.
She's one of my favorite people in new media as well. She needs to be free from her obligations, and I say that not knowing anything about the dispute. Simply, she needs to be free from her obligations so she can fully devote her phenomenal energies to the cause, which is restoring freedom during the dark and disgusting times of the Obama interregnum.

It's sad but it's business and people need to resolve their conflicts and move forward.

More on this as the news develops.