Blazing Cat Fur Fighting at Least Three Lawsuits in 2013

I wrote on this previously: "Please Contribute to Blazing Cat Fur Defense Fund."

Now Kathy Shaidle has an update: "Lawfare: Canadian Muslims planning to shut down my husband’s blog."

And at BCF, "Doing It Right: My Support For Israel Has Pissed Off All the Right Radical Muslims":
The Islamist lawfare jihad against me has begun but I will not quit, we battled and defeated Section 13 because we knew that it would be used against anyone who dared speak out against the threat of radical Islam. Muslims from Canada's Radical Shia community are now raising funds for my current lawfare opponent, Canada's leading proponent of Section 13....

I am proud that my work continues to expose the hatred being spread among the Muslim community in Canada.
More at the link.

I'll tell you what: If you're not for Blazing's right to speak out on Islam you're not for freedom of speech. How many progressives are standing up for BCF? I don't know of any, and the lawsuits against him aren't new.

Be sure to hit Blazing's tip jar. I sent some help the other day. He could use it.