Barack Obama: Worst. President. Ever.

I missed this clip when it came out in September, but William Jacobson's got it: "Disheartened Obamaphiles should just stop talking."

And following the links there takes us to Michael Goodwin, at the New York Post, "Emboldened Obama now even more reckless with America's future":

Again and again, the first term revealed Obama’s idea of bipartisanship: Dissenters are unpatriotic and must surrender. Compromise is a one-way street for him.

As polarizing and ineffective as that approach was, he was rewarded with four more years. A different man might see that as a mulligan — a second chance to get it right.

Not Obama. His behavior now is even more troubling.

That he’s willing to risk sending the economy back into recession and killing even more jobs leads me to believe his second term will be far more radical than the first. A stranger to humility, he thinks re-election confers a blank check.

His demand that spending cuts and entitlement reform be put off, while Republicans give him the tax hikes and the stimulus he wants, suggests he’s not serious about facing the mountain of debt. In that case, no progress is possible as the nation hurtles toward disaster.

The fear is reinforced with his sudden bid to have sole and permanent authority to raise the debt limit. As it stands, Congress’ power to set the ceiling serves as a practical check and balance.

His effort to eliminate it is something that happens in a banana republic. Is that where Obama wants to take America?

Sadly, many Americans believe the answer is yes. A friend wrote to express that view forcefully:

“Obama has deliberately destroyed the world’s best medical system. He is deliberately destroying the world’s strongest economy and currency. He has destroyed the world’s best political system by governing by executive order. He has started destroying the world’s best military.”

I don’t accept the idea that the president is intentionally trying to destroy America, but I do believe his policies are weakening it.
Well, I do.

Obama's deliberately perverting the Constitution and amassing enormous power at the expense of the public good. Most people on the left don't care. Even the so-called antiwar freaks that wanted Bush administration war crimes trials have hooked their wagon to this administration --- obediently falling in line in the service of raw power. It's disgusting. Folks like Kevin Gosztola are epic hypocrites even while make a living foisting themselves off as civil libertarians. What they want is progressive power, more damned power. I'm no longer a fan of Ralph Nader, but the guy's got creds. He's run presidential campaigns against both parties. He's consistently spoken out against abuses no matter whom the occupant in the White House. As for President Obama, he's the worst hypocrite of all, and now the biggest tyrant in American history.