Towards 2016:New GOP Or New Third Party;First Steps Get Rid Of Coulter/Morris/Rove

Starting from the premise the the GOP establishment and their "Electable" candidates are thoroughly deflated and without credibility the questions then arise as to what are the first steps towards a genuinely conservative regeneration of the GOP.

It is too much to expect the rank and file, who once again dutifully held their collective noses and voted for the establishments candidate, to do so yet again. There is simply no valid argument along the lines of  "the Republicans have to have an electable centrist moderate as their presidential candidate" anymore. 

If the Beltway elite puts another such "electable" candidate for president in 2016 it will be they, not the conservatives who either split the party, cause a massive stay at home protest or cause the creation of a third party.

If the Establishment genuinely wishes to see the retention of their Republican brand they would be best served by quietly leaving the scene and letting the rank and file, the conservatives and the Tea Party have their chance. 

If they, the right, get their candidate and fail, then the East Coast elite can assume their usual places and hope that one day one of their "moderates' will win. If they let the conservatives have their day in the sun but sabotage the campaign/candidate then there would be no going back and a third party would be inevitable.

As part of the "no sabotage" tacit agreement the likes of Coulter/Morris/Rove and the various campaign spokesmen, especially the "unnamed source" stab in the back campaign staff must either play the game or depart the stage as well.

The last thing a conservative candidate would need in 2016 would be the ghosts of "electable" campaigns past with their hyperbole, hard faced antagonisms, backing of centrists that we saw in the recent campaign and primary season. 

Dick Morris with his ludicrous predictions and wild statements, Coulter with her outdated in your face attacking style have no part in a conservative campaign of ideas and ideals. A conservative based 2016 presidential campaign would be, in total contrast to the Romney failure, just such a campaign. 

A campaign of ideas and ideals doesn't need the media distractions the likes of Coulter and Morris bring in their train. neither does it need the connection with the Bush administration or the Romney campaign that Rove would present. 

New, media wise and media clever faces and voices will be needed if the 2016 campaign is to utterly divorced from the failures of the past. 

The voters should stop and listen to rational, fact based arguments without the distractions of overt and ludicrous partisanship. Certainly the facts should be presented in a hard-hitting manner but they should not be personified, personal, anecdotal or serf-serving 
( i.e. not part of promoting the commentators latest oeuvre).

There is of course no way to remove these personages from the scene but the solution to that problem would be to completely ignore them. 

Ignore their blogs, books, media commentary let Fox know that if they come on the screen the mass reaction will be to change channels-Fox will get the message. There is absolutely no place in the 2016 campaign for these antagonistic and distracting voices of the past. 

The rebuilding for the next campaign must start now and the stable must be swept out as a first step.