Sarah was on Greta, Friday night, and urged Speaker Boehner to stick to his principles. Here is why that cannot go wrong.

<<< Obama and the Democrats believe they are looking at 1995 all over again.  Let them think that.  They could not be more wrong.  Newt's 1995 government shutdown cost the GOP almost nothing.  Sure,  they got the blame,  but they maintained their control of Clinton's congress and reduced spending to a record low,  following the election. 

Myth:  Newt’s three week governmental shutdown in the summer of 1995 was the key element in Clinton’s successful re-election bid.  Republicans need to keep history in mind for fear of repeating the 1996 election debacle.    One Democrat revisionist wrote: “ . . . [Newt’s]  little adventure almost cost the Republicans control of the House in the 1996 elections. . . .  see the full article at Politico

Truth:   For starters,   Bill Clinton was going to win re-election regardless of anything the Republicans did in Congress.  How do I know?  Well,  for one thing,  he was running against Bob Dole.  While Senator Dole was a true war hero and good Senator,  he was not going to beat the darling of the Marxist Media, Bill Clinton,  who has spent much of his rhetorical life,  biting his lower lip,   looking cute and trying to get back in Jennifer Flowers' pants.  

Secondly,  the above comment about “almost” costing the Republicans control of the House, understand that before the mid-term election, the GOP had  a 54 seat SUPER MAJORITY in the House.   They lost a total of 9 seats in the '96 mid-terms  allowing them to continue their super majority with a 45 seat majority AND picked up 2 additional seats in the Senate . . . . . . .  proving that "almost" is nothing more  Democrat scat mythology.    Who knows what the Politico author had in mind when he wrote his article,  but “truth” was not one of the options.   

A third consideration is the fact that Newt decided to have his  “shut down” fight i12 months before the 1996 midterms. 
  By contrast,  this fight is taking place two years before the next mid-term.  

 The GOP can win this fight if they will only stick to their guns.  Their fight is not unreasonable.  They simply want to see a plan of sorts for future cuts, especially as regards Social Security and Medicare.  In July of this years,  2012,  B Obama told Bob Woodward,  that it would be irresponsible to ignore Medicare and Social Security in any pending budget proposal.  That was just four months ago.  Today,  he pretends that he never made that statement.  
Unlike whatever was going on in 1995,  there is no similarity to the current fiscal issues.  Understand that Obama “went to the people” last year.  Remember  the childish  “Pass it now” campaign??  I do.  Obama  toured the nation,  had unlimited access to the national media,  and spent months campaigning on his budget proposal.  In the end,  that very proposal failed in the Senate 97 to Zero and in the House ,  414 to Zero. 

Call his bluff.  We have plenty of time to explain  to the American people.  In fact,  we have plenty of time to take the blame and come out looking like winners.