Newsweek Cover Features Re-Elected Barack Obama as Napoleon Bonaparte

Seems to me this wasn't the brightest idea, but it's Newsweek we're talking about. This magazine has less than two more months of hard-copy publication remaining --- out with a whimper, as they say.

In any case, Napoleon's successes were phenomenally grand but eventually overreaching --- in both 1813 and 1815 France was defeated by superior coalitions of great powers. Napoleon, by then a criminal outcast, died an ignoble death a short six years later while exiled to the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic. Perhaps such an inglorious dénouement will befall Barack Obama at some future date, hopefully sooner rather than later, God willing.

Obama Newsweek

And of course Newsweek compounds its errors with a hack piece of journalism from turncoat David Frum, "How the GOP Got Stuck in the Past."

This juvenile reporting explains why such dead-tree magazines are on the way out. Seriously. This wasn't even a half-decent job of progressive demoralization.

The cover story, from Daniel Klaidman, is here, FWIW: "Fortunate One."