Hamas Rocket Fire Continues After Cease-Fire Announced

JTA reports, "Israel-Hamas cease-fire goes into effect, rockets launched at Israel shortly after."


And Hamas backers are celebrating their "victory" over Israel.

And here's Melanie Phillips, "A Most Uneasy Truce" (via Memeorandum):
The way this cease-fire was reached sounded alarm bells from the get-go. It was brokered by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the driving actor apparently being her protégé the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi.

But Egypt is hardly a neutral actor in this drama. Morsi owes allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood -- the parent body of the very Hamas that Israel has been fighting. The Brotherhood is pledged to wage both cultural and military jihad upon the west in order to Islamise it.

It is the mortal enemy of both Israel and the west. Yet the Obama administration, along with the UK and France, actually helped put the Brotherhood into power in Egypt by helping get rid of President Mubarak. Under Morsi, Sinai has been allowed to become a real threat to Israel; in the past week, there were reports that Egypt was doing nothing to prevent jihadis from all over the region from going through Sinai into Gaza to join the war against Israel. In addition, Morsi is cosying up to Iran. Indeed, even Obama himself blurted out recently that
‘the U.S. would no longer consider the Egyptian government an ally, “but we don’t consider them an enemy.”’
Hillary Clinton, moreover, has astoundingly expressed her enthusiasm for the Brotherhood as ‘moderates’. There are also claims (which have been denied in a furious row) that her long time adviser Huma Abedin comes from a family with Brotherhood ties; and also that the State Department has been cosying up to the Brothers in a most alarming fashion.

In other words, this ceasefire seems to be some kind of nightmarish joke.
The left's hyenas are circling.

I'll have updates throughout the night...