Gaza's Motorcycle Lynch Mob

Well, no doubt international human rights groups will be all over this.

At London's Daily Mail, "Six Israeli 'spies' executed before baying mob in Gaza City, before motorbike gang drags one bloodied victim through the streets."

And see this amazing post at Twitchy, "Horrible (Graphic pic): Anderson Cooper tweets pic of Hamas dragging a man behind motorcycle in Gaza; Update: Sick defense of Hamas; Update: 6 men viciously brutalized, killed by Hamas."

And here's this clip from Ofir Gendelman, Israeli Prime Minister's spokesperson to the Arab media,  on Twitter, "Video: Hamas' ruthlessness and brutality: execution of 6 Palestinians in Gaza by Hamas' terrorists":

Added: From Israel Matzav, "How Hamas treats collaborators and how Israel treats collaborators."

And at Atlas Shrugs, "#Savages Six Israeli 'collaborators' executed before baying Muslim mob in Gaza City."