Another Leftist Admits the Real Goal Is Taxing the Middle Class

As I've been saying...

From Daniel Mitchell, at Townhall:
Obama has staked out a very dogmatic and inflexible position on class-warfare tax hikes and he obviously wants all of us to think only the “rich” will be impacted.

I think it’s foolish to penalize investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and other upper-income taxpayers. What nation, after all, has ever prospered by placing obstacles in front of those who create jobs? France? Don’t make me laugh.

But I’m also amazed that anyone believes Obama isn’t going to screw the middle class as well. The simple reality is that there aren’t enough rich people to finance big government.

There are some honest folks on the left who admit that they want ordinary people on the chopping block.

* The New York Times endorsed higher taxes on the middle class in 2010.
* The then-House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also gave a green light that year to higher taxes on the middle class.
* Earlier this year, MIT professor and former IMF official Simon Johnson argued that the middle class should pay more tax.
* The Washington Post also called for higher taxes on the middle class this year, as did Vice President Joe Biden’s former economist.
*I A New York Times columnist also called for broad-based tax hikes on the middle class this year.
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