She ain't poor no more. Sue this woman at your own peril. Sarah wins another frivolous court case filed against her.

<<< Make no mistake,  they hate her because she is one of us and she beat them every way but lose,  and laughed all the way to the bank.  

JUNEAU (AP) – Sarah Palin is seeking more than $22,000 in attorneys’ fees after a federal judge tossed a lawsuit brought against her.
Palin was represented by private attorney John Tiemessen and state Assistant Attorney General Dale House. The claims made against Palin by activist Chip Thoma dated to when Palin was governor.
The attorneys, in a court filing Monday, said Palin’s reasonable fees, including attorney and paralegal fees, total $22,418. That includes $16,680 for House’s fees and $5,738 in fees for Tiemessen’s firm.
Thoma claimed Palin acted to silence him for complaining about traffic around the governor’s mansion in 2009.
U.S. District Judge Timothy Burgess found Thoma hadn’t provided the necessary evidence to support his claims. Burgess, in dismissing the case, said Thoma would recover nothing and Palin would recover costs. . . . .

Editor’s notes:   the lawsuit dates back to the days of Sarah’s time as governor.  The Left,  including roaches such as [Buffalo] Chip Thoma,  had decided that because she dared to be involved in Conservative politics,  she no longer had the right to own her own home,  have a private moment,  raise her kids without make-believe scandals, have a successful marriage,  or keep any of the money she was earning at the time. They were determined to take it all from her. 

On the day she resigned as Governor,  she and her husband were more than $500,000 in debt,  because of frivolous lawsuits.   Keep in mind that she had little notoriety, at the time,  and less money.  If memory serves me correctly,  she got a $13 million signing bonus for her book,  Going Rogue.  Before the year 2010 was over,  that book had become the number one non-fiction seller of the year with more than 3 million books sold.  

Because she chose an income over abject poverty,  she continues to be the target of Leftist windbags and rhetorical whores,  but,  at least,  she can defend herself.  And, the onslaught of frivolous lawsuits came to a sudden end.

Of course,  she needs the $22,000 like I need another tag on my back,  but worms like Buffalo Chip Thoma have been given notice,  make up crap on the Palins and sooner or later,  you will have to pay the price.