Why this election will be about the economy and nothing else.

With the Ryan nomination,  I am quite sure that Obama believes  the GOP has dealt him a winning hand, for the coming election.  He sees Ryan's selection as an opportunity to turn this election cycle into an "election about choices,"  not a referendum on his failed record.  As a result,  he has busied himself,  framing Romney as an immoral and unqualified one-percenter with no conscience and no attachment to the middle class.  

Can you imagine?  Romney versus a black guy who did not participate in the civil rights movement at any level, a privileged and spoiled youth,   an avoid anti-colonialist with no attachment to the working middle class or to the accepted history of this great country,  an "agitator" by profession with no private sector experience and no appreciation for successful entrepreneurship and "business for profit."  He cares nothing for private property ownership, and  expects  those who do not work (for whatever reason) to have the same material advantages as anyone who claims to be rich. 

Note: an anti-colonialist is one who rejects this nation's history, traditions and values.  We know Obama is an anti-colonialist because of Michelle's words: 

May of 2008:    MICHELLE OBAMA: "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."

Understand this:  with every poll,  the number one concern of the American electorate is the economy. There are no polling exceptions to this observation.   Like it or not,  Obama will be judged by his performance, or lack thereof;  there is no escaping this reality and no amount of Democrat hyperbole  or phony concern will move people away from this election being a referendum on Obama's  presidency.  What Obama sees as "light at the end of the tunnel" is,  in reality, a freight train coming his direction.  

And this "freight train" is,  of course,  the 2012 election referendum.  Understand that a nominal 8% of the national electorate is undecided (9 million voters)  and,  according to pollsters,  only 15% of this voting block is paying attention to the daily news.   After the two conventions and sometime during the October debates,  these people will make their decisions final.  Traditionally, this constituency  votes against the incumbent, especially if the economy is bad or trending in that direction.  

And how is the economy doing?  Just today (8/22/12)  the CBO told us that this nation is headed for a second and major recession unless there is a change in national policy.  Gallup projects the possibility that the Bureau of Labor Statistics  will move the unemployment percentage from the current 8.3% upward.  If this upward movement is more than a single point,  the news will be devastating for the Obama campaign.  Understand that 44 states out of 50 released stats,  last week,  showing increases in their unemployment numbers, the  highest such report in more than three years.  

The fact of the matter is this:  Obama is not going to win re-election if this is the trend come November 6,  nor should he.